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Autism & Reading Comprehension:
Lessons for Teachers,

Joseph Porter, M. Ed.


April 2011

Review by Special Needs Almanac

Autism & Reading Comprehension: Ready-to-Use Lessons for Teachers,
Kathy Labosh and LaNita Miller
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This book is written for grade levels 1 – 5. It contains 90 hours of animal-themed whole group instruction, and a CD which has all of the worksheets, lesson plans, visual tools and assessment forms. Frankly, this reviewer is astonished that this substantial book is sold for such a low price. The material is worth much more than the list price. Although the book is nearly 400 pages, it is well-written and user-friendly such that it is not intimidating or overwhelming.

Many books on teaching reading to children with autism are intended for use one-on-one, teacher and child. This book provides a unique whole group methodology, which keeps the child with autism in the classroom with her peers instead of isolating her for one-on-one learning. The author also recognizes that children with autism are often quite adept at decoding words, but they don’t always comprehend the meaning of the words. This book has reading comprehension as its goal.

There are nine lessons. Each lesson has four variations of two reading comprehension worksheets. Each variation is part of a one hour lesson. The book includes data collection sheets, assessment forms to help the teacher comply with IEP (Individual Educational Plan) requirements.

This book is packed with practical, easy-to-use material. It is also an unbelievable value.

The author is a teacher who had to figure these things out on his own, without the benefit of excellent materials like this book. He created this material, test-drove it in his classroom, adapting and fine tuning it until it was ready to be shared. He wrote it to make teaching reading to a child with autism easier for you and for the child.

Highly recommended for every teacher of children with autism.

Five stars out of five.

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