Locate with an EZ100 Locator

Raising a child, with or without special needs, can be challenging. With all the attractions and distractions around, you can never leave your child out of sight. As our children grow and start exploring the world, their independence becomes a big issue. When a child wanders off, we need to find him in the quickest possible time.

Conditions like autism, intellectual disability, Asperger’s syndrome and many other challenges may place our children at high risk for crisis. Keeping your children safe is one of your highest priorities as a parent.

It is understandable that every parent and caregiver would want to know the whereabouts of their children. When children with disabilities or special needs wander off, tragedy can soon follow. You have enough stress and worry raising a child with special needs. You need to be prepared in the event your child wanders off.

The EZ100 locator from EYEZ-ON will bridge the gap between you and your child’s location. It allows you to find out where they are going and their movements as a whole. In fact, you can monitor your child’s movement so you’ll be able to find them before they get into some danger zones. You can have the EZ100 locator alert you if they go into certain areas you have designated, or if they leave other designated areas.With the EZ100 locator you can find out how fast the child is traveling. Moreover, you’ll be alerted when the child is sending an emergency signal. The wearer of the locator can send signals, activating the “Find Me” button when they get into trouble or when they are frightened.

The The EZ100 GPS is very easy to operate. By simply placing the locator GPS tracker on your child or in his backpack or pocket, you can know when your child is in a “Safe-Zone,” when your child leaves a safe zone, or when your child enters a dangerous area. You can choose further options such as viewing their location and finding them as quickly as possible. It provides you with latitude and longitude information for first responders to reach your child rapidly, expecially when your child wanders off away from the road.

The EZ100 GPS is not limited to use by children. As a matter of fact, it works perfectly well for just about anyone, with or without wandering issues.

The EZ100 locator has already saved many lives. With the EZ100 locator technology, parents can now have peace of mind.
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