Product Reviews

With the advancement of technology, life just gets easier and easier.

Here at the Special Needs Almanac, one of ways we serve the special needs community is by helping you become informed consumers.

We do your searching for you, to find the perfect products and gadgets to make your life easier, safer and better. As we come across innovative and high quality products for the special needs community, we check them out and tell you which ones work and which ones don’t.

No more spending hours and hours of fruitless searching for the products you need.

No more wasting money on disappointing products. Check out the products we have reviewed so far.

3 N 1 Scooter Board Ramp,
Complete Sensory System

Desk Buddy Sensory Bar

Sun Fire Plus Power Rear Wheel
Drive Wheel Chair Base

Abilitations Special Needs
Vibrating Therapy Snake

PikStik Classic 26 Inch Reacher
Grabber Tool & Mobility Aid

Mabis Aluminum Folding Walker

Invacare Lightweight Contour Rollator

Ablenet Assistive Technology Kit

Abilitations Special Needs
Giant TickleTube Vibrating Therapy Toy

Abilitations Special Needs Switch
Adapted Venture Puppy Toy

Ablenet Flip Automatic Page Turner

Self-Wipe Bathroom Toilet Aid

Standers Handybar

Medication Reminder for the elderly

Hair Wash Basin Inflatable Ez
Shampoo For Disabled

Mabis Healthcare Adjustable
Folding Cane

Transport Chair Economy
Aluminum Wheelchair

Sensory Sleep Sak Weighted Sleeping Bag
Designed by Occupational Therapists

Male Urinal Lavatory Incontinence
Aid Sheath & Bag

Child's Sensory WheelChair Gel Lap Tray

The Ableware Adjustable Head Pointer

Speech to Text Remote,
Real Time Transcription Services

Help At Hand Telephone Dialer

Ableware 732161000 Hand/Wrist Cuff
page Turner/Keyboard Aid

Vision Screen 9000

Abilitations Special Needs VibraDerm
Skin Massager Sensory Brush Set

Sign Generator American
Sign Language Support

Ableware 735100000 Computer
KeyboardType Aid

Hands Free Touchpad

Maddack Deluxe flexible Sock
and Stocking Aid

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