Thoughts on the Sensory Sleep Sak Weighted Sleeping bag

Have you ever been afraid that your child might suffocate under his layers of blankets? Or that he might develop back conditions from sleeping on the wrong kind of sleeping bag? Or what about your child not being able to get sufficient amount of rest because he finds his blanket to be “too noisy?” Occupational therapists might just have the right answer to all of those concerns and more.

This sensory sleep sak weighted sleeping bag has been designed by licensed occupational therapists and have been tested and proven to be perfect for kids with sensory disorders. It has been weighed and subjected to various tests to see if it is really up to standards.

What I personally love about the sensory sak weighed sleeping bag is that it has various functions. It could be used as a blanket, a sleeping bag, a wraparound and even as a weighted pad. These multiple functions are made possible because of the fact that the padding is evenly distributed all over. This eliminates that annoying bunching of “blanket innards” to just one corner. When using it as a sleeping bag, you could wake up refreshed and without the usual back pain that you experience with other sleeping bags.

All of these blankets have a standard weight of eight pounds, and are all 40 inches by 60 inches – perfect for your little ones. For kids who are easily distracted by the Styrofoam beads that keep on moving inside their blankets, this would be the perfect solution. The sensory sleep sak has double insulation, thus, muting the sound.

The only issue that I have with the slap sak is it only comes in two styles: all-blue or blue-red combination. Granted that blue is a calming color, and red is extremely attractive, I wish they’d have color combination to choose from.

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