Sign Language Made Easier
With The Sign Generator American Sign Language Support For Reading

Everybody is capable of making something productive out of the life that has been dished out to them. With the progress of technology, communication is easier; even with those whose experience in life includes getting frustrated over not being understood, literally. The Sign Generator that can be purchased at contains over 12,000 English words that automatically put sign graphics over the words as you type. Currently in a special promo offer to ensure that you can fully take advantage of it, the Sign Generator is a great way to make yourself understood by your students.

The Sign Generator American Sign Language Support For Reading contains 5,500 signs and 12,000 English words. It comes with a CD ROM bundled with Iris USOA400 Irispen Express 6 Pen Scanner to enable you to automatically transfer text from documents or books without going into the trouble of typing. The program can edit, save and print and you can create flashcards and worksheets for your students to use. Use the dictionary to find and print words from the Sign Generator and then you can make flashcards out of them. You can customize these flashcards using the different signs that are available for you and you can make worksheets that are likewise customized to your needs. It would be very easy because the signs just appear above the words as you type. To make more challenging activities, you can re-scramble the words and save your creations for future use.

The Sign Generator is currently available on special offer, enabling you to get a discount if you meet Amazon’s requirements. When you get to the webpage, you will be able to see the Sign Generator’s technical and product details which will help you determine if it answers your needs. You can make teaching and learning sign language easier for you and your students or kids. Check out the Sign Generator now at

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