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People who have been in accidents that compromise the use of their hands often face the challenge of functioning with its limited use if any. Frequently, this becomes a cause for frustration, leaving the one affected losing his or her confidence and independence. While this is a normal consequence of such incidents, something can be done to ease the burden felt by the person going through the process of adjustment. It is not easy, these things never are, but it would help if you have something to assist you with it.

The Ableware 718300000 Adjustable Head Pointer is a product sold at which is described to be an essential aid for people with limited use of their hands for activities that include turning pages, drawing and painting and more practically, for pushing switches on and off. Though the device is intended for use by people with limited use of their hands, they are also great for people with limited verbal communication skills. It can enable them to use communication boards and point what they wish to say but are unable to.

The Ableware 718300000 Adjustable Head Pointer weighs a total of two pounds and comes with an adjustable cranial strap and headband to fit the user’s head perfectly. Along with these features, the device has lightweight plastic bands secured by metal hardware and topped by a 19" long aluminum rod. This serves as the pointer and is fully adjustable in terms of length and can be angled in any direction. The package includes padding for the forehead which is cool and comfortable.

The device has received good reviews from actual users with some saying it has improved their lives in many ways. Reading is one of life’s greatest pleasures and for somebody who’s unable to turn the pages of a book, the Ableware 718300000 Adjustable Head Pointer is a great, great help. If you’re interested in looking at the product, visit the website. It’s presently discounted and sells for $116.57 there but at least one other site offHelen Keller would have been enormously glad if she were born in our time. Life would have been so much easier and she could have accomplished more if she had the kind of technological progress we now have. She would have a means to understand what another person communicates to her if that other person made use of the Speech To Text Remote, Real Time Transcription Services. Now available at, the software program is described as a process for converting speech to text instantly and are mostly used for the benefit of deaf students in the classroom and other settings where teaching and learning takes place.

The term “remote” in the product’s name refers to the fact that the transcriber need not be physically present in the venue where the lecture takes place to provide the service. The instructional CD gives the necessary fundamental training in implementing remote, real time transcription mostly within a school or work setting; training a person in transcribing. For the process to work, the speaker has to use a wireless microphone and transmitter. The transcriber uses headphones to hear what the speaker says. The transcriber then uses the microphone to repeat exactly what the speaker has said. The Speech Recognition software allows the transcriber to read the text that the software has converted which is now visible on the computer screen. A deaf person should use a text sharing software with the transcriber to be able to appreciate the text. The CD includes instructional manual, useful tips for use in the school setting, sample training readings and audio recordings. It does not include the microphone and the transmitter and should be bought separately for training.

Currently priced at $49.95 at, this product has special offers available along with purchase if you come up with the necessary requirements. ers it at $154.79, so if you’re interested, better head’s way.

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