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Starting Sensory Therapy: Fun Activities for the Home and Classroom
Bonnie Arnwine



April 2011

Review by Special Needs Almanac

Starting Sensory Therapy: Fun Activities for the Home and Classroom
Bonnie Arnwine
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The book first explains sensory issues, then provides great, easy and fun activities that are therapeutic with regard to sensory issues.

The book contains chapters on:

• tactile activities
• gross motor activities
• visual activities
• auditory activities
• activities with smell
• oral motor activities
• fine motor activities.

Each chapter begins with a reader-friendly explanation of that chapter’s topic, and often an anecdote. The author’s writing style draws the reader in and makes you feel comfortable, as though you were having coffee and talking with the author.

The book has a huge collection of fun activities. The activities are the kinds of things you would do for fun with a child at playtime, whether they had some sensory issues or not. They use ordinary items you probably already have around the house. Flour, string, soap and paper plates and typical supplies for the activities.

Start anywhere in this book and start having fun with your child – then watch as the child’s sensory issues improve!

This book is recommended by Carol Kranowitz, the author of The Out Of Sync Child and many other excellent books on sensory integration dysfunction.

The author is the mother of a son with sensory processing disorder (SPD).She is a national speaker and writer. She is also the founder of National Autism Resources. She has one child with autism and another child with SPD.

Well Recommended.

Five stars out of five.

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