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October 2011

Review by Special Needs Almanac

What I Wish I’d Known About Raising
A Child With Autism

Bobbi Sheahan and Kathy DeOrnellas, Ph.D

Are you wondering if your child has autism? Or has your child recently been diagnosed with autism? This book was written by the mother of a child with autism and by a psychologist who has worked with countless families who have a family member with autism. This is a positive book that provides practical guidance and essential tools for the day-to-day parenting issues of raising a child with autism. It is receiving rave reviews within the autism community.

Written with compassion and humor, this book will put you light years ahead of where you might be if you are trying to figure things out on your own. Why not let someone help you avoid a lot of mistakes and anxiety?

Chapter 1: Our Journey from Cluelessness to Partial Enlightenment
Chapter 2: Autism 101
Chapter 3: In the Beginning
Chapter 4: The Causes of Autism
Chapter 5: The Basics … with a Twist of Autism
Chapter 6: My Kid, She’s Not Much of a Talker
Chapter 7: My, What a High Pain Tolerance You Have … and What Sensitive Ears
Chapter 8: What Can I Do About These Weird Behaviors?
Chapter 9: Reading, Writing, and Lining Up Her Toys
Chapter 10: If I’ve Told You Once, I’ve Told You a Million Times!
Chapter 11: My Child and Other People
Chapter 12: Talk About It
Chapter 13: There Is No Finish Line

The book also contains highly useful:

  • Afterword
  • Bobbi’s Annotated Bibliography

About the Authors:

Bobbi Sheahan is the mother of four children, one of whom has autism. She gave up her legal career to be a full-time parent and part-time writer. She and Kathy DeOrnellas, Ph.D., write a column on autism for

Kathy DeOrnellas, Ph.D. has worked with families with autism for years, and is currently doing research in the field of autism. In her private practice, she works with children, adolescents, adults and parents affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder. Her husband plays in two rock bands. How cool is that?

Highly recommended for parents, family members and caregivers of children with autism.

Five stars out of five.

Reviewer: Special Needs Almanac

The Source for Special Needs

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