About Us

ABOUT US: The Special Needs Almanac is compiled and
edited by a staff with over 40 years experience in the
special needs field, professionally and personally, as well
as with immediate family members who have special needs.

It is important to the mission of the Special Needs Almanac that the
people who work on the Almanac have "walked your path."


It is the mission of the Special Needs Almanac to provide a free resource
for individuals and families to find information and products
that are relevant to living with special needs.


While the staff have years of medical and professional experience, none of the information contained in the Special Needs Almanac is offered or intended to serve as medical advice or as a substitute for appropriate consultation or treatment by a qualified medical professional. The information contained in the Special Needs Almanac is not reviewed or written by currently active health care professionals. Always seek professional medical advice and/or treatment whenever appropriate.

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