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Behavior Solutions for the Inclusive Classroom,
Beth Aune, OTR/L, Beth Burt & Peter Gennaro



November 2010

Review by Special Needs Almanac

Behavior Solutions for the Inclusive Classroom,
Beth Aune, OTR/L, Beth Burt & Peter Gennaro
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When children with special needs are included in general education classrooms, there are behaviors that can present challenges to the general education teacher. Special education teachers may be more familiar with these behaviors and how to best approach them. This book is written for the general education teachers who may not be as familiar with these behaviors.

The authors are well-qualified to present useful information from several perspectives. Ms. Aune is an occupational therapist; Ms. Burt is an advocate and the mother of a special needs child; and Mr. Gennaro is a director of special education. This is a case in which the total is greater than the sum of its parts. While each of them could have written a very good book on this subject, by combining their resources and perspectives, they have created a resource that should be on the shelves of every school.

Behavior Solutions for the Inclusive Classroom is concise, well-organized and user-friendly. You can quickly find the answers to your specific questions in this book by using the well-planned table of contents and index.

Behavior Solutions for the Inclusive Classroom arranges behaviors in the categories of movement issues, avoidance and retreat issues, difficulty with routine and academics, and social-emotional issues. Appendix A contains information on movement breaks and goal directed tasks. Appendix B presents sensory input devices. Appendix C explains calming techniques. The section on additional resources has recommendations of good books on related topics that will be of interest to general education teachers who have children with special needs in their general education classrooms.

This reviewer has a child with special needs, who has ongoing behavioral difficulties in the general education classroom. This reviewer chose three such behaviors to see how easy it would be to get answers with this book, and how helpful those answers would be. The results were: the behaviors were found immediately, the answers were extremely helpful, and this reviewer wants to get this book into the hands of her son’s teachers.

While this book was written for the teachers, it is a godsend for parents whose special needs children are struggling with issues at school. This book will give you the tools to help you work with your child’s teachers when your child’s actions are being viewed as disruptive, difficult, overly picky, overly sensitive, argumentative and such.

Challenging behaviors of children with special needs are based on a real need of the child. These behaviors will not go away if the teacher ignores the behaviors or tells the child to stop, because the need is still there. This book explains the underlying needs that result in the behaviors. When the teacher understands the underlying need and has the tools and solutions this book provides, the teacher will understand the child and maintain better control in the classroom. The child will appreciate being understood and can relax, knowing he is in good, well-informed hands.

Highly recommended – should be in every school at every level, Pre-K – 12.
Five stars out of five.

For educators in the inclusive classroom setting, a behavioral problem isn't anything new at all. Find answers and solutions to the most peculiar of behavioral problems for children with special needs in this highly recommended guide. Secure a copy of Behavior Solutions for the Inclusive Classroom by clicking Future Horizons and nurture the effective teacher you already are! A must have for parents too!

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