Clothing for People with Special Needs

Exhausted from driving all over town trying to find clothing to meet special needs? Coming home with tired feet and no success in finding what you need? Find it all here.

There are many reasons why the usual, "off the rack" items you can find at your local store will often not work well for people with disabilities or special needs.

Easily find what you need for:

- Sensory Issues

- Mobility Issues

- Strength, Coordination or Dyspraxia Issues

- Access Issues

- and more!

Able Apparel

Adaptations by Adrian

Adaptive Products

Adaptive Products Showroom

Care Apparel

Comfort n Care

Cozy Coats

Easy Access

Special Needs Clothing

This section is intended to be a continually growing section. Please feel free to submit information on additional products you would like to see featured here. When you help improve this resource, you help everyone in the special needs community. Thank you!

These links are not endorsements of any products, information or services. You need to be an informed consumer and determine for yourself which choices are beneficial for your well-being.

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