Let's Play! Find Fun Games for People
with Disabilities and Special Needs

You can still play fun games and toys if you have a disability or special need. There have never been more opportunities for people with disabilities or special needs to play.

Through increased awareness, there are now many options for people with disabilities and special needs. Game and toy manufacturers have become more aware of the special needs community. They are constantly manufacturing more products for our community. Many of us have also developed more ways for our children and ourselves to play.

These links are not endorsements of any products, information or services. You need to be an informed consumer and determine for yourself which choices are beneficial for your well-being.

Brain Building Toys

Constructive Playthings

Dragonfly Toys

Dr. Toy's Guide

Fun and Function


Oppenheim Toy Portfolio

Smart Start Toys

This section is intended to be a constantly growing section, as there are continually new products and opportunities being developed. Please feel free to submit information on additional products, opportunities and information you feel should be included in this section. When you help improve this resource, you help everyone in the special needs community. Thank you!

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