Are You Tired of Battling Alone for the
Right Schools and Education
for Your Child?

Are you dealing with Schools and Education issues for your child?

Do you ever feel as though you are battling the entire system, just to try to get a fair and appropriate education for your child?

If you had more information, you would feel more comfortable when advocating for your child?

Your child has enough challenges - getting a fair and appropriate education should not be yet another battle.

Arm yourself with the resources you need to get a better result for your child.

Learn how to prepare for, understand and participate in the process for your child's IEP(Individualized Educational Plan or 504 Plan.

Become familiar with Your Rights and responsibilities.

Explore issues of Inclusive Ed and Homeschooling.

If your child is older, explore options for Colleges and Universities, as well as Scholarships, Grants & Financial Aid.

Rights - Education

IEPs (Individualized Education Plans)

504 Plans

Inclusive Education



Financial Aid

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