Need the Right Information
to Make Decisions about
Schools and Education College?

Schools and Education College

Your child is finishing high school. Now you are thinking about college.

Which one would be the best fit for your child?

Where can your child pursue his or her interests, yet be accepted and be a part of the community?

What questions do you need to ask?

What information do you and your child need?

Do you know your rights and your child's rights?

Do you know your responsibilities?

Arm yourself with the knowledge and resources to get a better result for your child.

Read through the materials provided by these organizations to be ready when it is time to deal with these important questions.

Also, check out the Blogs on this topic, in the "Support Network - College" section of the SPECIAL NEEDS ALMANAC.

College Internship Program

College Living Experience

ERIC Clearinghouse Disabilities/Gifted Education

ERIC, Educational Resources Information Center

Minnesota Life College

UK Disabled Schools and Colleges

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