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Many parents of children with special needs or disabilities consider the option of homeschooling their children. For some, this is a difficult decision; for others, it is the only viable option.

You might be considering short-term or temporary homeschooling - while your child is recuperating from medical treatment or illness, while you are waiting for an opening at a school, or for certain grade levels. You might, in the alternative, be considering homeschooling your child for his entire K - 12 academic experience, or for significant portions of it, such as all of elementary school.

Whether you have decided to homeschool your child or are in the process of exploring your options, you need information. Turn to these resources for information to help you with these issues.
provides encouragement and practical tips for parents who homeschool children who struggle with learning.

Homeschooling ABCs
New to homeschooling? Classes to help get you through the first year. Homeschooling ABCs class, 26 weeks of step-by-step instruction - all the basics of homeschooling - via email. Weekly step-by-step coaching to help you navigate your way through that important first year of homeschooling.

Homeschool Transcripts Downloadable manual and templates to make transcripts for college applications. Coaching and more resources (college admission test information) available. Step by step instructions on determining high school level work, establishing credits, giving grades and calculating GPA.

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